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Tips On Getting A Personal Loan Approved

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Tuesday, August 6, 2019


As much as you don’t want to get stuck with debt, there are unforeseen circumstances like medical emergencies and overwhelming credit card balances where you need a considerable amount of money at your disposal. One choice you have is to turn to banks or online lenders and borrow cash from them.

With personal loans, a financial institution gives you the funds you need for your situation, and you are given a specific period to repay them. This type of loan is typically unsecured, which means that you don’t need to provide collateral as a safety net for lenders in case you aren’t able to pay them back.

If you’re planning on getting a personal loan, here are some tips to ensure that it gets approved:

1. Plan Ahead

As much as possible, ensure that you have minimal to no outstanding debt before taking on a personal loan. This way, lenders will see that you will be able to pay them back according to the schedule they set.

You should also know your credit score since it plays a significant role in the approval of your loan. The numerical value gives lenders an idea of how risky it is to let you borrow money. They use this data to decide how much you’ll be getting or if you’ll be allowed to handle any amount at all, as well as the interest rate of the package.

If this is your first foray into the financial world and you haven’t cultivated your credit score, you can focus on growing your savings account. While this factor doesn’t have a direct influence on the approval of your loan, it can be used as evidence of how you handle your finances.

2. Determine the Type of Personal Loan You Need

There are several types of personal loans depending on your potential lender. To find the right plan for your financial situation, you must identify your capacity to pay. Some packages like that of Credit Ninja Installment loans offer a personalized payment structure that fits your needs.

These are the six common types of loans that you can choose from:

— Secured – This loan is ideal for expensive purchases like a car or house since it’s highly likely that your proposal will be approved due to the collateral

— Unsecured – For those in need of extra cash, unsecured loans are your best bet because you don’t need to provide security in case you default on the loan. However, it comes with a slightly higher interest rate than secured loans.

— Fixed – This one comes with a predetermined amount and interest rates. Its significant advantage is that the amount you pay monthly is constant until you finish paying off your debt.

— Variable – In contrast to fixed-rate loans, interest rates and payment amounts for this loan fluctuate depending on the market benchmark rate.

— Overdraft – Overdraft loans make sure that you have sufficient funds in case of emergencies. You just need to pay interest on the money that you spent, but it has a high rate.

— Credit Line – Similar to overdraft loans, you get access to funds during times of crises for credit lines and withdraw the cash you need for the emergency.

3. Check the Requirements

To ensure that your loan gets approved or, at the very least, processed by the lender, you should verify the credit and employment requirements first before filing the form. Financial institutions have a minimum credit score condition that you should meet before they can accommodate your personal loan request.

Determine the minimum income requirement, as well as your employment tenure. For example, while most lenders nowadays are more accepting of freelancers, some are still hesitant to lend money to people who don’t have stable jobs because of the high risk that they won’t be able to repay the amount they loaned.

4. Choose a Realistic Loan Principal

Look at your financial situation objectively so that you can calculate how much money you can request. Take into consideration how much cash you earn each month and see if you can budget in the repayment. Having a bad credit history and asking the lender to let you borrow 100,000 USD is a surefire way to get a rejection for your personal loan.


Getting a personal loan can be daunting, especially when you’re in a tight financial situation, and you need the money with utmost urgency. It’s wise to plan ahead and limit your outstanding debt, as well as ensure that you have an excellent credit standing so that you can get the funds that you require.


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