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  Financial planners provide personal finance management, and their help allows simple people to find solutions to big problems. If you are looking for help setting long-term goals and you want to know where you can go in the future in terms of savings and investments, financial planners are definitely your best option to aid […]



Discount gift cards are great ways of saving you some money for your shopping or your next dinner date. They are readily available from numerous sources and people, and with them and some budget tools, you can really maximize the effectiveness of your money. It doesn’t take much effort to use them, and you’d be […]



You’re driving and you happen to pass by one of those suburbs just to avoid traffic. You see a house with a for sale sign on the lawn. You’re just dying to own a house and have been thinking a lot about leaving your apartment. You finally decide that you want to get it, so […]



The book  “The 101 Things You Haven’t Learned in Harvard Business School”  by Laura Bell is a what makes Economics uncomplicated science and gives details of parameters which runs business, economics and money market in a very unfussy and settled way. The book gives much elaborated details with great examples from next-door about economic policies, […]



By Virginia O’Connor Uncertainty about the current and future economy has pushed many Americans to start saving more and paying off more of their debt. Recent studies in 2008 and 2009 have indicated that as Americans are feeling less secure about their financial stability, they have begun to change their spending behavior. As confidence falls, […]


A lot happening in the world of personal finances this past week and big news about the Cash for Clunkers program and debate over its success or lack of.  Good summer tips being talked and ways multiple people have handled different financial situations.  Here is a list of some great articles I have read this […]



Congratulations, you have decided to start a budget!  While it may seem easy to do, there are some ways you can define your spending that will help trim it and build wealth.  Below are common categories of a budget and how they can be better defined.  Utilities   The utilities category is one that some define […]



Two of the most important things you must do  after college are:  Conduct a “State of the Union” for your finances, sign-up (sic) for an online money management system”  Develop sound saving habits from the start” … and we couldn’t agree more. •l  Set up an online money management system Treating your finances seriously is […]


Last Friday I had an interview with Barbara Klare who writes about Personal Finance on the SF Examiner.  She asked a lot about BudgetPulse and how the tool is helpful for users and how they can gain true value in it to reduce debt and save money.  We talked a lot about how we started, […]


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