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Home Improvement 101: Where to Save and Where to Splurge

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Sunday, February 23, 2020

Home Decor On A Budget

If you are considering doing some home improvements, or contemplating a home renovation, then you will know well the tension that exists between splurging on high-end fixtures and fittings and luxury furniture, and saving money by making budget conscious choices.

It can be difficult to know which direction to go in, and when and where, which is why we have consulted the experts who between them have decades of knowledge in home improvement and renovation. They’ve helped us put together this quick guide to help you know when to save and when to splurge when you are improving your home.

In the Kitchen

A kitchen is a part of the home that can swallow huge sums of money if you are not careful. It is also an area where if you cut corners and use budget materials and cheaper fixtures, they are sure to be noticed, making it hard to get the balance right. 

If you are a keen home cook, or there is one in the household, then you should spend the lion’s share of your budget on appliances and surfaces. If you don’t spend much time cooking at home, save money on appliances and just make sure your improvements have a good quality finish.

In Your Bedroom

Bedrooms sometimes get overlooked in home improvements. However, you spend a third of your life in bed so you should spend some money on this room to make sure it is comfortable and welcoming.

You should first spend some money on thick carpeting; this helps to keep noise to a minimum. Spending some money on a new bed is definitely worth it too; you will need somewhere comfortable to rest after a long day of work.  You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep.

On Your Flooring

Your flooring choices can have a huge impact on the overall look of your home, and once you have made your choice it is incredibly difficult and time consuming to change. Whatever type of flooring you are looking at – carpet, tiles, wood or laminate – choose the best quality product you can afford.

To try and save some money in this area, try to choose readily available sizes of your chosen material and try to choose a regular color. When you choose an unusual shade or shape, it always ends up costing you more.  

On Your Lighting

You should never hinder or compromise natural light, the experts say, and you should always try and make as much use of it as possible. Most homes are designed with natural light in mind, and your home should be orientated and have its windows arranged in a way that maximizes the natural light your home receives.

When you do buy lighting, save money on lamps by buying cheaper pieces and put your money into large pendant lights with glass shades. These give your space a beautiful design piece while also spreading light further around your space as it refracts off the glass shade.

On Home Storage Solutions

Storage space is always at a premium in any home. It often feels like the more of it you have, the more quickly you will fill it up. If you are planning a home renovation or improvement, you should consider which home storage solutions you can work into your plan.

Rather than spending money on bespoke, custom built storage, you can save money by re-purposing old furniture or spaces for use as storage. Old wardrobes can make great storage cupboards, and rarely used kitchen pantries are easily re-purposed into storage spaces for bikes, bags, or as a cloakroom for coats and jackets.

The costs of home improvement and renovation can skyrocket if you don’t plan ahead and stick to a budget. Hopefully these tips will help you to save in the right places so you can splurge on some treats for yourself to reward you for all your hard work.

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