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Mortgage Tips

You’re reading this because chances are you have grand plans for a spare room, lounge room or bathroom that just isn’t being used the way that it should be! Renovations are on the to do list of most home-owners, and it’s a really rewarding way to add value to your home, or to increase its […]



Your parents might have left no stone unturned to inculcate the value of proper finance management in you as a child. As a teenager you might as well feel that you have a whole lifetime to earn, spend and invest your money. Yes, it’s true. However, that does not really mean that you can squander […]


Save Water

Water wastage in the UK is high. On average, each person uses 150 litres of water a day. This isn’t a sustainable level of consumption, and it’s not easy on your wallet either. So what can you do to bring down your water usage? Nothing so simple: just reduce the water you waste and don’t […]


Infographic to learn more about the real cost of a college degree

Budgeting is a concept that every student grows to be familiar with and especially now with so many students relying on financial aid to help pay for their education. As college costs continue to rise year after year many students must not only work as a full-time student but often take on part-time jobs to […]



Marie Nelson is a financial writer, she writes article on debt, mortgage, real estate, foreclosure and provide apt advice to the consumers. She is associated with a financial community for last four years and helping the consumers to cope with their problems. Education is becoming very expensive these days. There are families where the parents […]


shoveling snow

Source: Flickr It has been quite the cold winter so far throughout the whole country, specifically in the northeast.  Coming from NY and going to school in PA I am used to frigid temperatures and an abundance of snow during the dark months.  I never have even really minded cold weather, I actually look forward […]



Flickr: Pfala By Heather Stubblefield I’m sure this notion is true with all parents:  we want to pass our good habits to our children and avoid our bad like the plague.  I hope that the financial lessons I learned over the course of the past few years can be taught to my daughter while she […]



By Heaven Stubblefield Growing up, my parents tried their best to keep me away from the television.  One phrase they told me on the weekends and all summer long was “Go Outside.”  While it seems we all must be plugged into our phones, computers, and electricity, there are a lot of things that can be […]



Welcome to family life. You have your spouse and at least one child. You are thinking about giving your child an allowance. Perhaps it is because you never received one, or you are taking an important step in teaching your child about money. There are various methods in determining whether or not to give an […]



This is a post from Darya our intern at BudgetPulse  It is very important to teach our children imperative money skills. It takes a lot of time to develop good habits the stick. There are many different techniques that parents could use to teach their children about the value of a dollar.  Three techniques to […]


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