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Finding the right insurance policy for you and your family can be something of a challenge. Many people are confused when they hear the terms, “non-standard” and “standard” when referring to insurance, whether it’s for your car, your business or your home. Here’s an explanation of the differences. Standard Auto Coverage Car insurance is mandatory [...]



Gone are the days when every calculation we make is done on a calculator or a ledger or a scrap piece of paper that just happens to be lying around. It is becoming more and more common to manage our money with financial software we have loaded on our personal computers, but even that is [...]



You’re having a friendly game of football with your friends and break and ankle, you wake in the middle of the night with an excruciating toothache. These things can happen very unexpectedly. If you have a health or dental emergency and you’re not covered by insurance your medical bills could be very large. Here is [...]


house on calc

In a previous article, we gave you five tips for a better mortgage in 2017. The mortgage market is evolving rapidly, and there are some exciting new deals to look into. Knowing how to take advantage of the best rates on the market will help you get the best deal on your mortgage loan. But, [...]



Most every small business wants to have access to as much capital as possible for growth, daily operations, and exigencies. There are always times when a business endures a cash crunch – a period where money is tight and bills are mounting. During these times, chance favours the prepared business owner. Business lines of credit [...]



Most people know that it’s sensible to make a will and to review it from time to time. So it’s shocking to realize from research done in 2016 that most Americans have no will at all, let alone an up-to-date one. Older and richer people are more likely to have a will, but a quarter [...]


Phone Bill

How should you buy your next smartphone? Is entering into a payment plan the way to go, or should you pay for it all in one go and own it outright? Lots of factors enter into this decision, including your financial situation and how often you want the latest smartphone model. Yes: Own It Before [...]



Working on your monthly budget can seem like a lot of work and is not likely to be something that is at the top of your list.  Once you are out of high school and into college, there will be less time for making money as you spend more of your time studying to earn [...]



One of the first reactions parents have when they hear their son or daughter is in trouble at college is disbelief. Not only do they want to see the best in their child but they’ll also think back to when they were at college and all the silly things they did – so, what’s the [...]



It is all too easy to take a pessimistic view of your lifestyle options when you are trying to make ends meet on a frugal budget but even if you do happen to be what you might call fiscally-challenged, there are plenty of ways to get more bang for your buck. Here are some tips [...]


Honda Jazz

There probably aren’t that many of us who drop our car off at the local auto repair center or dealership without having more than a moment of anxiety over how much the bill is going to be when you collect it again. You couldn’t be without your car for the convenience it provides but it [...]


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