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shoveling snow

Source: Flickr It has been quite the cold winter so far throughout the whole country, specifically in the northeast.  Coming from NY and going to school in PA I am used to frigid temperatures and an abundance of snow during the dark months.  I never have even really minded cold weather, I actually look forward […]



Source: Medic999 About the Author: Joel is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ that has founded and managed 5 startup companies. Some of the projects he is working on now within one of his web publishing startup companies include websites for comparing credit card offers, searching for car insurance, and comparing health insurance providers. If you have […]



Flickr: Annia316 By Mala Lal Note:  These are not suggestions that should replace a full time job.  And if you find yourself collecting unemployment, federal law states that this income be reported to your unemployment agency. As the holidays are approaching, you might find yourself searching for ways to make a few extra bucks this […]



By Heaven Stubblefield If you are like me and every other American in the country, you think big.  One philosophy that has been instilled in us is that we can never have too much of something.  But there’s a rule of thumb that we all need to think about whenever we get the urge to […]



I was surprised when I walked in to McDonald’s the other day and saw a group of men sitting at tables with their computers going. I thought, maybe at Panera or Starbucks, but McDonalds has now jumped on the Wi-Fi bandwagon. Wi-Fi is the official term for a wireless internet connection. That means you and […]


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