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Financial Solutions

Many of us fantasize about what we’re do with a million dollars: however, what happens when we actually fall into a huge sum of cash? While there are plenty of hypotheticals to ponder, such of what dream items we’d buy or how big our next house will be, keep in mind that not everything about [...]


What you can do to rid yourself of Zombie debt

If you ask any legal or financial advisor about credit card, they all inform you that credit cards are not a good idea. But this is not always true. The card doesn’t have any problem, the problem is in the way that card is used. According to the survey, most of the members of all [...]


Technology Advancement in 10 Years for online Shopping

There are many different advancements within technology that could see changes over the years, including how we as people shop. Within the years and thanks to technology you see more and more people doing online shopping in order to shop smart. Amazon, since introducing Amazon Prime with the feature of free shipping, was a huge [...]


Keeping Score: Millenials and Credit

Millennials outnumber the Baby Boomer generation by some 15 million people, and this a generation that is demonstrating a whole new set of priorities and goals in comparison to their predecessors. When you look at the financial profile of a typical Millennial, there are a number of interesting comparisons that demonstrate just how different their [...]


12 Ways Your Garden Can Save You Money

Provided by Bakker Spalding Garden Company


Consumer data is perceived as marketing gold by some of the biggest companies in the world and anyone who wants to define their target audience can do so much more easily if they have some valuable information on our spending habits and preferences. It is no coincidence that if you search for a type of [...]



Even a routine visit to the dentist can cost more than you expected and standard procedures like cleaning and maybe some X-rays if you need them, can soon rack up the dollars. Maintaining good oral health is clearly important and the goal is to find ways of taking a decent bite out of your dental [...]



Retiring takes planning and being able to sail off into the sunset and enjoy a comfortable retirement is not something you can achieve easily in just a few years. If you own a business and want to capitalize on the value that you have built up over the years and get a decent price that [...]



Early on in life when you are climbing the career ladder or nurturing a growing family, it is easy to lose sight of your long-term financial future. But, before you know it, retirement is on the horizon and concerns about having enough money in the bank soon start to grow. For this reason, more and [...]


50th Anniver

Applying for Social Security benefits might seem like a mountainous endeavor, but with help it’s not so bad. Here’s how to get it done simply and receive the benefits you’re entitled to. Get Your Birth Certificate   For most people, this will suffice. The SSA needs your birth certificate to prove that you’re you. You [...]


money transfer

Have you ever felt yourself in a bind for some quick money? Maybe you had an electric or cable bill to pay, maybe you needed money for grocery shopping, or perhaps for a fancy first date with that special someone. Regardless of the reason I am willing to be you have felt the need to [...]


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