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Divorce is hard on everyone. It takes a spiritual, emotional and even sometimes a physical toll on everyone involved. It also takes a financial toll. Getting divorced can be an incredibly expensive process. It can also be costly in that where you might have been sharing incomes before, now you only have your own and […]


store for sale

If you are looking at the buoyant market of today and thinking that now may be a good time to sell your business, then you would be right. Now is an extremely good time to sell with more and more people looking for new opportunities to run their own company and work for themselves. If […]


Business in Budget

Today’s expansive online world enables small businesses to market and sell their products to global audiences. However, when competing with the marketing budgets of multinational corporations, managing to achieve a sufficient stream of sales can be quite the uphill struggle. But in many respects, the internet is a level playing field, where employing opportunistic and […]



It’s always a good idea to set money aside on a regular basis. Whether or not you can think of anything big that you might need to save for in the foreseeable future, putting money away always works out for the best. Saving money for a goal that you don’t even know of isn’t usually […]



Divorce is a stressful time. And, it’s even more so for women who typically don’t have the same financial resources that their male spouses do. Here’s how to gain the independence you need. Get Your Own Bank Account Step one is to separate your finances from your spouse’s. You should set up your own bank […]



Having your home constructed to your own design is something that many homeowners aspire to and the chance to own a property that has been built to your personal specification is something that is very appealing. Using someone like custom home builder, Bill Beazley and other builders with specific experience of the custom homebuilding process […]


Phone Bill

Remember the days without cellphones and smartphones?  If not, then you won’t remember when a phone bill was under $50 per month.  Today, bills can easily exceed $200!  However, you don’t have to pay a lot to stay connected as long as you learn ways to cut costs and slash the price of your bill. […]



Even a routine visit to the dentist can cost more than you expected and standard procedures like cleaning and maybe some X-rays if you need them, can soon rack up the dollars. Maintaining good oral health is clearly important and the goal is to find ways of taking a decent bite out of your dental […]


Title vs Personal Loan

The latest job statistics whether they are good or bad bear no relation to your own personal situation, until you hear the dreaded words “you are fired”. Perhaps your employer might not put it so bluntly but the end result is the same, you have lost your job and you have to make some urgent […]


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